Must-Have Aftermarket Accessories for Your Bronco

Must-Have Aftermarket Accessories for Your Bronco

Since Ford brought the Bronco back in 2020, we've seen some truly innovative aftermarket modifications. Some people like to go all out with big-ticket aftermarket upgrades like heavy-duty suspension or drivetrain mods, but for those of us who just want to trick out their Bronco in a subtle way, there are plenty of great accessory options.

We've gotour own selection of Bronco gear, but we also scoured the internet for some of the best minor modifications you can get for your Bronco. In this article, we'll give you some inspiration for your own Bronco upgrades and take you through the must-have accessories for your Ford Bronco.

1. Off-Road Tires


Bronco in desert

Off-road wheels are one of the most common Bronco modifications we see. Lots of people love to take their Broncos off-roading, and with a set of all-terrain wheels, you can get the best grip possible. Not only do they look great, but they also provide your Bronco with even better off-road performance.

Besides being a practical off-road modification, a nice set of all-terrain tires also adds an extra layer of style and attitude to your Bronco. There are lots of different designs and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect look for your vehicle.

Zoom in of Bronco wheel

Some Bronco owners prefer to change the look of their bronco without impacting its driving capabilities. Avid off-roaders might need a vehicle that handles extreme terrain, so they'll opt for tires with extra tread and grip on the corners.

Either way, off-road tires from Nitto, BFG, or Mickey Thompson are all great options for a Bronco. The35X12.50R17LT 125R Nitto Recon Grappler Tire, in particular, guarantees a comfortable and stylish ride, regardless of the terrain.

2. Grille Guards

Front of blue Ford Bronco

Grille guards are protective accessories that attach to the front of your Bronco, guarding it against debris, rocks, and other objects you might come across during off-roading. They provide a physical barrier between the body of your Bronco and any hazards that could damage it. Grille guards are usually made of heavy-duty steel or aluminum, protecting the vehicle from minor collisions, debris, and whatever else you might encounter while driving in rugged terrain.

Bronco front bumper part

In addition to protection, grille guards also make your Bronco look more rugged and aggressive. There are plenty of grille guard designs to choose from, whether you need something simple or extra durable.

For those who need extra protection, we recommend theScorpion Extreme Products HD Tube Bumper Extreme Grille Guard. For those who need something simple and functional, we recommend theBarricade 3-Inch Bull Bar with Skid Plate.

3. Winches and Winch Front Bumpers

Grey Ford Bronco in desert.

A winch is an essential tool for off-roading. It allows you to recover your vehicle from difficult terrain, and can be used to pull yourself out of a jam if you get stuck. A winch bumper is the perfect way to mount a winch securely on your Bronco.

Winch-compatible bumpers are typically made of thick steel and/or aluminum and come in various shapes and sizes. They are designed to accommodate different winch types, and they also provide extra protection for your Bronco when you're off-roading. Some designs even include skid plates that protect the underside of your vehicle from rocks and debris.

Front bumper of Bronco

TheMTO Series Winch Front Bumper is one of the coolest we've seen—it's got a sleek, modern three-piece construction that works with factory lane detection, parking sensors, and all other standard hardware.

Front bumper shackles of Bronco

It also has reinforced shackle mounts, which add utility (and style) to the vehicle.

Red Bronco going up hill

If you're looking for a popular, battle-tested winch-ready bumper for heavy off-roading, most people buy from WARN, a leading manufacturer of off-roading accessories.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA, theWARN Elite Front Bumper has all the features you'd expect from a premium bumper, including an integrated winch plate, heavy-duty 3/16" thick steel construction, and integrated ports to mount aftermarket fog lights.

4. Skid Plates

Under carriage of Ford Bronco

A skid plate is a metal panel designed to protect the underside of a vehicle from damage. Like grille guards, skid plates offer a layer of protection against off-road hazards, rocks, and debris. They also come in handy if you need to cross a shallow river or have to go over some uneven terrain.

Underside of Ford Bronco

The Black Diamond model comes with skids, but many other models and packages (including the Sasquatch package), don’t include them at all. Most 2-door Broncos have skids, but only under the fuel tank. People who didn't examine their truck closely may be taken aback to find that even with 35s and F/R locker optioning, the Bronco is surprisingly vulnerable to underbody damage.

Headlights of custom Ford Bronco

There are a few types of skid plates you can get. Some protect your rear shocks, while others protect your differential and transfer case. If you want to add durability and protection to your Bronco, we strongly recommend investing in some form of additional underbody protection.Extreme Terrain's website has an excellent selection of skid plates to choose from.

4. Light Bars and Off-Road Lights

Ford Bronco in forest

Who doesn't love a good night cruise? Sometimes, there's nothing better than hitting the trails after dark. But even if you're an experienced off-roader, it's easy to get lost or miss obstacles when you're out in the boonies. And low-visibility situations are all too common.

That's why light bars and off-road lights are must-have accessories for any Bronco enthusiast. Light bars provide an even, broad illumination spread, making it easier to see obstacles in the dark. And a set of off-road lights will help you spot things from further away, giving you more time to react and navigate safely.

Grey custom Ford Bronco

You can add off-road lighting fixtures to a few different places on your Bronco: at the front, side, or even on top. Most people opt for a light bar mounted in front of their vehicle—it's an easy and effective way to add lots of light. But you might want to add lighting to the top if you're planning to go rock-crawling, or on the side if you do a lot of night driving in tight spaces.

Baja Designs offers plenty of cool lighting accessories for your Bronco, including theirFord OnX6+ 50 Inch Roof Mount Light Kit and theFord XL Linkable Bumper Light Kit.

Ford'sMirror Mounted Off-Road Lights are a great option to add visibility without breaking the bank.

5. Stirrups, Step Plates, and Running Boards

Drivers side of Ford Bronco

We're not saying that the Ford Bronco isn't easy to get in and out of. But if you're looking for an extra boost, then stirrups, step plates, running boards, and side steps are the way to go. Not only do they make it easier to get into your vehicle without having to climb up or jump down from a great height (which is handy if you have kids, elderly family members, or a pet), but they also look great.

Stirrup magnum pm black

If you're looking for the best step solution to pair with your '21+ Ford Bronco's OEM rock sliders, check out ourFord Bronco Stirrup. Our clamp-on design makes installation a breeze and offers maximum stability. This isn't some rinse-and-repeat, Jeep-level engineering—our 6061 billet aluminum stirrups are precision-machined and designed specifically for the 2021+ Bronco.

OurMagnum Stirrup is another excellent option, and its full-bar coverage makes it perfect for 4-door Broncos. The Magnum provides the perfect solution for your overland build, trail-conquering rig, or daily driver. Its five inches of width give you a stable foundation to step up onto when getting in and out of your vehicle, and it also helps you access items on top of the roof rack with ease. Not only is it practical, but its aesthetic adds an extra layer of protection against shopping carts and car doors - making sure that your Bronco looks its best!

6. Wheel Kits and Wheel Locks

Ford Bronco wheels

Ford recently came out with a line of awesome wheel locks that provide extra protection for your Bronco's wheels. The wheel locks are designed to fit the OEM lug nut pattern and have a unique key contact design that prevents thieves from using conventional tools or universal adapters.

We also recommend getting a wheel kit, which includes four wheel locks, one wheel lock key, and a key tag. Locking lug nuts provide the best protection from theft, and a wheel lock kit gives you everything you need to secure your wheels in one convenient package.

We think theBronco 2021-2023 17" X 8.5" DYNO GRAY Wheek Kit looks the coolest, but there are plenty of options to choose from on Ford's website. We also sell lug nuts individually, so you can pick and choose the set-up that works best for you.

7. Headliner and NVH Kits

Inside ceiling of Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco has a spectacular interior design, but it can be improved with a headliner and noise/vibration/harshness (NVH) cover kit. These kits are designed to reduce sound reverberation in the cabin, dampen engine noise, and provide heat insulation—resulting in an overall quieter and more comfortable ride.

TheNVH kit from CoverKing is made of a special acoustic foam that absorbs sound and ensures that your Bronco's interior stays looking good for years to come. An added bonus: the headliner dramatically cuts down on wind noise, making for a much more enjoyable driving experience.

For the best results, make sure you get the right size for your Bronco—otherwise, it won't fit. Most manufacturers make covers for both 2-door and 4-door models.

8. Soft Rear Storage Covers

The cargo area of your Ford Bronco is great for storage, but it isn't always easy to keep everything organized. Whether you want to tailgate, off-road, or just use the space for everyday items, investing in the right protection and storage solutions makes a huge difference.

Back of Blue Ford Bronco

For extra protection, we recommend getting a soft cover for your cargo area. These covers help protect your gear from the elements and dirt, while also adding an extra layer of security. You can find plenty of Ford-branded options online—just make sure that you get one that fits your Bronco's make and model. We recommend theBronco 4DR Canvas Soft Tonneau Cover for ultimate protection at an affordable price.

9. Fender Emblems

Believe it or not, the emblem on the side of your Bronco makes a huge difference in the overall look of your ride. Fender emblems are a great way to customize your Bronco and bring out its unique style.

Whether you're looking for a classic oval Bronco emblem, or something more unique like the “B” fender badge with a black background and silver lettering, plenty of options are available to make your Bronco stand out from the crowd.

Bronco aluminum fencer

OurBronco DNA Fender Emblem is a true aftermarket accessory. The classic 'Bronco' script is machined out of billet aluminum and finished with a durable anodized satin.

Most importantly, installing them is effortless. Our backs are laser-cut for a perfect fit, and we use the strongest 3M 5952 VHB adhesive to ensure superior hold. To simplify your installation even further, each order comes with Surface Prep from 3M and Adhesive Promoter and custom templates created specifically for either driver or passenger side fenders. Going that extra mile in craftsmanship is just one of the details that sets us apart from other brands.

10. Recovery Shackles

Recovery shackles are a necessity for anyone using their Bronco off-road. They're used whenever you need to tow another vehicle, pull someone out of a ditch, or do any kind of recovery work, so having them on hand isn't just a convenience, it's a safety measure.

Imagine what could happen if you don't have them: you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have no way to get out. Where do you go?

Front of custom Ford Bronco

Regular recovery shackles won't cut it, though. Ourmodular bumper shackles andrear recovery shackles and receivers take modern design principles and Ford Bronco specs into consideration, making them one of the most effective and durable recovery solutions on the market.

AR shackle on Ford Bronco

Our cutting-edge innovation in the rear-mounted shackle is found in its spring loaded pin detents. The S.I.T.H.-R Shackle contains four of these, eliminating any swinging as you go down a road or trail - and you can also make it hang at an angle if you want.

To make the installation of a soft shackle even easier, this device also comes with a detent that positions the shackle at an upward angle. You no longer have to squander your time or energy trying to keep it up with one hand while simultaneously threading it onto its anchor point; you can effortlessly depart from obstacles without having to drag it behind you.

11. Interior Accessories

Although customizing the exterior of your Bronco for looks and functionality is always a good idea, don't forget about the interior. Accessorizing the interior of your Bronco can make it more comfortable and functional while still keeping that classic style.

Our interior line of accessories is a great place to start.

AR Racing custom auto part

The BAM BYODR is our most robust dashboard mounting option. Perfect for Picatinny and simple clamp-on mounts, this rail combines aesthetics with functionality. Machined in the USA out of 6061 billet aluminum and available in numerous colors, this is the perfect opportunity to add style while making your dashboard mounting more stable and secure.

Custom Bronco auto part

The TAP Bronco Dash Accessory Rail is similar to the BAM, it’s just smaller. It shares the same single mounting and it’s just as rugged and stylish. Crafted from 6061 billet aluminum, the TAP is meticulously machined using 5-axis and 3-axis technology before undergoing anodization and post-machining for maximum durability.

You can actually remove the larger rails and replace them with the smaller Picatinny rail if you already have the BAM—true modularity.

Archetype Racing auto part

The SLAP/BPM Bronco Accessory Mount is our more inconspicuous option. We took the plastic OEM component (that’s honestly quite flimsy) and revamped it with—you guessed it—6061 billet aluminum.

It fits right into the same spot but has three 1/4-20 threaded locations instead of one, so it is much more versatile than the OEM component. And it uses M6 threaded hardware to mount to the dashboard, making it sturdier.

Custom part from Archetype Racing

Used in conjunction with our B.A.L.L.S., you’re looking at the sturdiest mounting solution on the market!

12. Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

Mud flaps and splash guards are a must-have accessory for any Ford Bronco. They keep your vehicle clean, protect the paint from scratches, reduce wind noise, and can even improve fuel efficiency.

You'll want to look for mud flaps with a durable construction and a deep tread pattern to ensure they won't easily tear off, as well as ones that have been tested in the toughest conditions. We suggest finding ones made of heavy-duty rubber and featuring molded ribs for extra strength.

Ford Bronco mud flap

TheGatorback Bronco Text Logo Splash Guards from Ford are available in both front and rear pairs, and they have the Bronco logo embossed in metal at the bottom, which gives them major style points. If you need extra ground clearance, you can easily remove them as well.

13. Cross Bar Kits

Having the right cross bar kit is key for any off-road adventure. They provide strength and stability to your roof rack, allowing you to carry more cargo or accessories safely. Plus, they give you extra space to mount rooftop tents, bike racks, kayaks, and other equipment.

Top of black Ford Bronco

This is how you turn your Bronco into a road-touring machine. The Yakima HD Cross Bar Kit accommodates eye bolts, load stops, and other accessories and is compatible with most other accessories.

Top of white Ford Bronco

Alternatively, Ford offers its ownlower-cost option. And since you buy the bars individually and they fit right onto the OEM roof rails, installation is a breeze.

14. Fully-Retractable Top

Have you ever seen a group driving a topless Bronco and thought to yourself, "they don't look like they're having fun at all"?

Of course you haven't—every time one passes by, its passengers look like they're having the time of their lives. And if you're up for the serious investment it takes, that could also be you.

Retractable roof on Ford Bronco

Ford hasits own suite of retractable Bronco tops, including soft twill, vinyl, and hybrid options. The best-looking one (pictured above) is theTrekTop Soft Twill Retractable Top, and its no-zipper windows fit seamlessly on factory doors and allow for easy covering and removal.

15. Trail Armor

Trail armor protects the most vulnerable areas of your vehicle—the outer edges. Front and rear trail armor can provide a strong shield against rocks and other obstacles that you may accidentally scrape while on the trail. A hood deflector is another must-have accessory for off-roading, as it helps to direct unwanted debris away from the engine and over the windshield.

Some people aren't fans of how exterior armor looks and how it may affect the Bronco's sleek lines. But, if you're like us and love a good trail-bashing, then think of it as an investment in your vehicle and its longevity. Plus, the added protection will give you the confidence to take on tougher off-road challenges.

And even if you don't want to invest in exterior armor, you can still add rocker panels for an extra layer of protection for the side of your vehicle since they hardly show.

Back of yellow Ford Bronco

Ford's trail armor comes in black and is made of heavy-duty TPO thermoplastic, so you know it can stand up to the elements.

Final Thoughts: Aftermarket Bronco Accessories

The Ford Bronco is an off-roading dream come true. With these must-have accessories, you can take your vehicle to the next level and ensure it's ready for any terrain you may encounter on your adventures. From innovative mounting solutions to recovery shackles and fender emblems, there are plenty of ways to customize your Bronco and give it a unique look.

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