TETON Ti M12 X 1.5mm Titanium Lug Nuts
TETON Ti M12 X 1.5mm Titanium Lug Nuts
TETON Ti M12 X 1.5mm Titanium Lug Nuts
TETON Ti M12 X 1.5mm Titanium Lug Nuts

TETON Ti M12 X 1.5mm Titanium Lug Nuts

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 Titanium 60 degree seat lug nuts

In the world of lug nuts, let's face it -- it's wild. I know what you thinking... missed opportunity.

ARCHETYPE RACING needed to take a different approach. We asked ourselves things like; "What works?", "What doesn't?" and "What separates the nice ones from the great ones?" When we finished our discussion and the first round of designs, we realized that the lug nuts, despite the sauciness, should not "steal the show" from your wheels. Instead, they need to blend and/or compliment your wheels. 

Enter Teton Ti, our line of wheel hardware that exceeds the industry standard for superior strength, and form language that doesn't scream "LOOK AT ME"; all without an eyebrow raising cost. 

Key Features Include:
  • OE+ Design that replaces the factory lug nuts for your M12x1.50 or M14x1.50 lug pattern. 
  • Superior Tolerance for the 19mm or 21mm hex interface and socket that reduces the possibility of marring or disfigurement of each drive feature.
  • 60º Tapered seat faces with a surface finish that makes the interface between wheel and nut almost one.
  • Roll-Formed Threads, which means that we've manipulated the titanium without cutting or removing material to create the thread feature. This technique is far superior to traditional cut threads and not common outside of the aerospace industry.
Roll-forming, why is this important? Simply put, when you press or force the material into a shape, it becomes stronger. When you remove material to create your shape, it doesn't necessarily get weaker but it certainly does not get stronger. 

At the end of the day, our goal is to instill confidence in your driving. Peace-of-mind that your wheel won't fly off during some spirited driving (on the track of course). Roll into a meet knowing that your wheels are complemented by the hardware that holds them to your build. 


Item Specifications:

  • Thread Pitch: M12 X 1.5 6H 60 degree seat
  • Grade V USA sourced Titanium
  • Roll Formed Threads
  • Raw Ti or PVD (Black) coating
  • Superior strength and quality
  • Sets of quantity: 16 / 20 / 23 / 24 / 27 


Product Notes:

  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
  • International shipping is available
  • Expect 3 to 6 week lead time, depending on finish