Oil Balancing Lines
Oil Balancing Lines
Oil Balancing Lines
Oil Balancing Lines

Oil Balancing Lines

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These custom hoses are applicable to:

  • '12 and '13 BOSS 302
  • '15-'20 GT350 Voodoo
  • '15-'21 GT Coyote (Gen 1, 2, and 3 confirmed)
  • '20- onward GT500 Predator

If you're running your engine hard during track or strip use, these cross over/balancing hoses are a necessity. Adding these lines to your heads will equalize oil flow to cylinders 4 and 8 and add longevity to your engine by mitigating oil aeration that occurs at high RPM. Losing either of those cylinders is a common failure issue with Voodoo engines. The FP350S comes from the factory with a similar pair of hoses installed.

The -6AN hoses are made in the USA from PTFE (Teflon) hose with an Aramid Kevlar braid. They are tested to 1,000 PSI, prior to shipping. Burst rating is 9,500 PSI. Very well overbuilt for this application. The hoses are also sleeved for insulation and chaffing resistance. They will withstand sustained heat of 350 degrees F. The male pipe to -6 adapter fitting will also be included.

Hose Specs

  • Carbon PTFE (Teflon) Superleggera Hose with Aramid (Kevlar) Braid
  • Forged compact 90 degree fittings, crimped to hose, 0 degree orientation
  • Fire sleeve and abrasion protection full length of hose
  • Total weight 300g (pair)
  • Tested to 1000psi, burst rated 9,500psi
  • Cleaned with demineralized water and filtered to 10 micron, dried, and capped
  • Pipe to -6AN aluminum adapters included (4)


  • Direct install for Voodoo, Predator, and Coyote engines (Gen 2 Verified)
  • Installation instructions are included
  • TMO/Veteran/LEO (First Responder) 10% discount is available
  • More fitment applications may be available. Send an email to pitcrew@archetyperacing.com
  • Free shipping to the lower 48 states
  • Please email pitcrew@archetyperacing.com for an international shipping quote