FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&
FUTURA Super Sport 16&

FUTURA Super Sport 16'5"

Regular price$17,495.00

Super Sport

The Super Sport lowering trailer is our widest model and suits all cars including super cars. Simply load and unload your car even while the trailer isn't connected to a tow vehicle. You can choose to add premium options like the rock guard and Recovery Winch to keep your investment free from damage on the road and make your towing experience effortless.

Futura's Super Sport suits medium to large vehicles and features a heavier load carrying capacity than the single axle. It also incorporates the added safety of 4 wheels on tandem axles and the ability to carry more gear (tires, fuel etc.).

Stay up to date with information direct from the Futura website here: https://www.futuratrailers.com/--item-detail-super-sport-us

Price does not include Futura Trailer Accessories.

Accessory prices (updated for 2023) are:

  • Locking Tire Rack - $1750
  • Rock Guard - $910
  • Recovery Winch - $680
  • Tie Downs - $230
  • Spare wheel/tire - $345

Lockable Tire Rack

Futura Trailers Premium Accessories

Sometimes, hauling a vehicle around is about more than just bringing the vehicle. If you’re a racing enthusiasts, or even if you like the extra security, bringing along an extra set of tires might be an advantage. However, it can also take up a lot of room that you might not have. That’s why you’ll want to look at the Lockable Tire Rack from Futura Trailers. Our racks lock the tires through the wheel pole, so not only will they be more secure in transit, but it’ll be harder for thieves to grab one of those expensive racing tires.

They’re specially designed to fit all models of Futura lowering trailers, made from 6005 Aluminum extrusion and 5 mm laser cut plate sides. It’s lightweight, powder-coated, and removable, not to mention the added cool-factor!

Recovery Winch

Sometimes, the vehicle you’re pulling up onto your trailer needs a little bit of help. Whether it’s stopped working or is stuck somewhere, you’ll want a Futura Recovery Winch to make a tough job a little easier. The Futura Recovery Winch comes equipped with an easy to use wireless remote control. The Recovery Winch is also interchangeable, so you can adjust the position of the winch to the strongest point on the trailer for loading you precious asset. The continuous airline track lines the deck of the trailer so you've got endless options for positioning. Plus, it can be easily stored in the tool box at the front of the trailer so you won’t have to remember to take it with you.

Rock Guard

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how much debris gets kicked up behind your tow vehicle. If you’ve got nothing to protect your load, you might be looking at a plethora of dents and scratches. Consider getting the Futura rock guard, a protective barrier made of almost indestructible, lightweight, and weatherproof material. It’s also rust, chemical, and model resistant, easy to clean, and of course, scratch resistant. The rock guard is specially designed to fit every model in the Futura Sport Range of lowering trailers.


A proper set of tie-downs is always a must when carrying precious cargo. Future Trailers offers a custom set of four to help keep your vehicles secure. They’re easy to use and the hooks are specifically designed to attach to any part of the trailers rail or airline track tie-down rings, which can be adjusted to any position around the edge of the deck.

Mounted Spare Wheel

Even your trailer needs a spare handy just in case. Future Trailers offers a spare wheel that mounts under the deck so it’s out of sight and not taking up room that you might be using. There’s no drilling required and it’s available for the off chance that you might actually need it.


  • Price Includes Assembly of trailer and assembly and installation of accessories
  • Please contact us for a Freight and Delivery Quote
  • Price does not include any State Sales Tax or Registration fees

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